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Dr Richard Paley is leading the work of the Fish Health Theme within the OIE Collaborating Centre for Emerging Aquatic Animal Disease and the International Centre of Excellence for Aquatic Animal Health at Cefas. Richard is an experienced virologist and molecular biologist and is involved in all aspects of fish disease research and diagnostics - from the discovery and characterisation of new and emerging diseases through the development and implementation of diagnostic methods in an accredited environment, to research on pathogenesis of and resistance to viral diseases.  He specialises in fish virology and works closely with government and industry on the diagnosis and control of viral infections in fish aquaculture.  Since 2006 he has represented the UK as the national expert at the annual National Reference Laboratory meetings on fish diseases within the EU. He has been laboratory manager for UKAS and GLP/GMP accredited services. Richard leads a team of microbiologists in the Cefas Weymouth Laboratory and has managed or been a significant partner in numerous Government, UK RI and EU funded research projects and project manager or principle investigator  for various commercial contracts developing aquatic animal health products including vaccines and selective breeding for disease resistance in fish and molluscs. Key to his work are the bio-secure tank facilities in the Weymouth lab which the team use for disease challenges in aquatic animals. Richard has over 20 peer reviewed publications on all aspects of fish disease.

Contact Richard for issues relating to fish health: richard.paley@cefas.co.uk


Professor Stephen Feist is the principal pathologist at Cefas with over 40 years of experience and specialist expertise in histopathology, ultrastructure, host-pathogen interactions in aquatic animals and was former director for the National Reference Laboratory for Anisakis. Steve’s main expertise is the detection and characterisation of emerging disease in fish and shellfish, providing assessments of the pathologic impact of these diseases, whether caused by infectious agents, physiological dysfunctions or the effect of chemical insult or environmental factors.  Steve was responsible for marine fish disease monitoring for over 10 years and provided histological criteria for the diagnosis of liver pathology in European flatfish. He was president of the European Association of Fish Pathologists (EAFP) from 2009 to 2013 and since then, maintained involvement via subject editor for histopathology for the EAFP Bulletin. He was appointed to the editorial board of the journal Diseases of Aquatic Organisms in 2002 as review editor for proliferative disorders and became Editor-in-Chief for DAO in 2015. Stephen has over 150 peer reviewed publicationson aspects of infectious disease pathology, toxicopathology and parasite taxonomy in fish, amphibia, molluscs, crustacean and echinoderms as well as authorship of several book chapters on aspects of aquatic animal health.