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OIE Collaborating Centre for Emerging Aquatic Animal Disease

The emergence of disease in farmed and wild aquatic animals poses one of the most significant threats to sustainable food production and to the stability of natural systems. Rapid detection, characterization and reporting of the causative agents of disease provide a crucial first step in their control. For this reason, efficient and accurate reporting of emergent disease threats forms the central precept of this OIE Collaborating Centre. By working with our partners in aquatic animal health from across the globe, often in countries where aquaculture forms an increasingly critical component of food production and trade, we are focused on mitigating the yield-limiting effects of emergent diseases, improving the reporting of new threats and ultimately reducing their transboundary spread via trade and other pathways. In doing so, we aim to function as a global resource for research, diagnostics, standardization of techniques and dissemination of knowledge in the field of aquatic animal health.

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