News regarding the annual audit of products for The Netherlands

28 September 2020

Suppliers are advised that following discussions held between Cefas and SSM during 2019/20, the scope of the annual audit of products being used on the Netherlands Continental Shelf has now been updated. Previously, the audit focused on the laboratory test reports supporting the data captured in the product HOCNFs. Reports were audited to establish reliability and compliance with the relevant testing guidelines, and guidance for suppliers has been issued as a result of the findings of those audits. Going forward, the audit will now focus on the product Safety Data Sheets (SDSs). SDSs will be reviewed to establish compliance with REACH Articles 31 (Requirements for Safety Data Sheets) and 37 (Downstream user chemical safety assessments and duty to identify, apply and recommend risk reduction measures). Suppliers of products identified for scrutiny will be contacted in due course, and will in the first instance be expected to submit the most up-to-date versions of the relevant SDS.