Joana Torres

Business Development Manager

Joana is responsible for identifying and developing blue economy projects and funding applications in collaboration with the UK and international governments, regional organisations and the private sector. Areas of interest include the Caribbean region, national and international funders (in particular the Green Climate Fund) and developing banks.

Joana works in the International Funding and Partnership Directorate, with a focus in the Caribbean region. She leads Cefas’ accreditation to the Green Climate Fund (GCF), the development of proposals for submission to the GCF and has been involved in the development of several Darwin Plus projects.

Joana has over 15 years’ experience working in marine science for the private and public sector. Her background includes experience as a scientist, senior project manager and business development manager, including the establishment of a new office for a private environmental consultancy company in New Zealand. Prior to joining Cefas, Joana worked in the private sector providing marine wildlife and environmental services for the Oil & Gas, Renewable, Decommissioning and Research industries worldwide. Joana has also worked as a marine mammal researcher in projects in Scotland, Hong Kong, South Africa and Portugal. With a degree in Marine Biology and master’s in Marine Mammal Science, Joana has a wide understanding of the marine environment.