Dr Jemma-Anne Lonsdale

Senior Regulatory Advisor

Assessing and providing advice to UK and overseas Governments and Regulators on the potential impact of human activities in the marine environment, specialising in disposal of waste and risk of contamination. Particular interest in how the policies, regulations and treaties come together to allow management of the marine environment.

I graduated from the University of Hull with a Masters in Research in 2012 during which time I worked for a private port company working with the regulators, statutory consultees and non-statutory consultees to gain consent for a large port redevelopment. It was during this role that I realised that I wanted to review and assess such applications to help the deliver the UK Government’s vision of  “clean, healthy, safe, productive and biologically diverse oceans and seas”. In 2012 I joined the Regulatory Assessment team where I applied my theoretical (degree) and practical (port industry) experience to reviewing and assessing new marine activities.


Since joining, I have completed a PhD in Estuarine and Coastal Management, am the Lead Advisor for Marine Licensing applications to the Marine Management Organisation and Natural Resources Wales on marine developments including offshore renewables, and represent the UK at international fora such as the London Convention/ London Protocol (LCLP) meetings.


I am the UK Delegate for the LCLP Compliance Group, I chair the LCLP Intersessional Correspondence Groups on Cumulative Effects, and the on the Marine Environmental Effects of Jettisoned Waste from Commercial Spaceflight Activities an co-chair of the Intersessional Correspondence Group on the development of Disposal Site Selection. I am the UK Delegate for the OSPAR Dredge Expert Assessment Panel.


I am an active publisher and a reviewer for many scientific journals including Marine Pollution Bulletin, Environmental Science & Policy, Ocean and Coastal Management, Marine Policy, and Environmental Engineering and Management. I have led a number of national and international funded projects helping to tackle science problems, promoting networking and innovative scientific developments.


I maintain my relationship with the University of Hull by delivering seminars annually on the practical application of environmental impact assessments in terms of marine management and participate in outreach to raise awareness of the civil service science. 


Research publications:

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Selected publications:
Lonsdale, J.A., Nicholson, R., Judd, A., Elliott, M. and Clarke, C., (2020). A novel approach for cumulative impacts assessment for marine spatial planning. Environmental Science & Policy, 106, pp.125-135.

Lonsdale, J., Nicholson, R., Weston, K., Elliott, M., Birchenough, A., Sühring, R. (2018) A user's guide to coping with estuarine management bureaucracy: an Estuarine Planning Support System (EPSS) tool, Marine Pollution Bulletin, 127 (2018): 463-477.

Lonsdale, J-A., Weston, K., Elliott, M., Blake, S., Edwards, R., (2017), Review Article: The Amended European Environmental Impact Assessment Directive: a UK Marine Perspective, Ocean and Coastal Management, 148:131-142.

Lonsdale, J-A, Weston, K., Barnard, S., Boyes, S., Elliott, M., (2015) Integrating management tools and concepts to develop an estuarine planning support system: A case study of the Humber Estuary, Eastern England, Marine Pollution Bulletin, Vol. 100:1, Pages 393-405.