Dr David Pearce

Head of Profession, Observations Systems

Dr David Pearce has worked at Cefas for over 18 years, specialising in autonomous marine measurements. With 30 years’ experience developing and integrating new technologies, and more than 25 years in the marine sector, David has led the development of complete observational systems, including buoy hardware, software and data management, that underpin Cefas’ WaveNet and SmartBuoy programmes. These advances have put Cefas in a position as one of the leaders in the UK and Europe in the use of autonomous technologies for marine environmental monitoring. More recently, David has taken on responsibility for Cefas’ Wave Glider which allows the remote collection of data and water samples, cost-effectively complimenting the environmental measurements taken by moored platforms and providing a spatial perspective.

David also been instrumental in managing and delivering projects both in the public (Defra group, NERC, DECC, etc) and private (Offshore renewables, nuclear new build, etc) sectors. With his new role as Head of Profession, David applies his passion for, and technical knowledge of, observations technologies to achieve the best outcomes for delivery of projects to Cefas’ customers and to ensure that our technologies and capabilities are subject to continual improvement and development.

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